The most versatile workout bar in the world

Perform hundreds of exercises from anywhere while building muscle, strength and endurance with the Muscle Crushr. Superior in training and formulated for all levels of fitness, this innovative workout bar is the only full body exercise tool designed to target desired muscle groups while sustaining muscle stimulation.


  • Nine workout bars in one
  • Joints stress reducer
  • Versatile – unlimited exercises
  • Attaches to pulley systems
  • Number one for upright rows
  • Included T-Bar row connection
  • Portable – simple for travels
  • Achieve results in a shorter time
  • Time saver
  • Industrial Quality
  • Dumbbell, compound & utility bar
  • Easily stored – save space
  • Attaches to ceiling & overhead bars for pull ups
  • 3 different types of resistance weights, bands & bodyweight exercises

InnoVation By Design

Muscle Crusher’s innovative design and interchangeable handles provide the ultimate hand grip options. It’s a compound bar, a dumbbell and altogether 9 different bars in one.

Its innovative features, design and capabilities allows the Muscle Crushr workout bar to outperform all other exercise workout bars.

No matter your level of training, the Muscle Crushr is for everyone.

Break the monotony of your current routine and get the results you’re looking for. The Muscle Crushr will help take your workout to a level you never thought possible.